July 15, 2018

"This outfit has their act together. Answered all questions, did a thorough job, and left the property clean."
June 19, 2018

"I just had Ken from McNel Septic pump my system. I am very pleased with his work and with the way I was treated. I am an older woman and record everything in a computer file because I won't remember next time. He was very patient about explaining everything I wanted to know."
June 4, 2018

"Ken was super nice and informative! He showed me how to clean the filter and even added a handle to make it easier to retrieve. I will definitely use McNel in the future and will refer them to everyone I know. "
May 20, 2018

"Awesome fast service!! We had an almost horrible situation and they were able to to get in and fix it fast and right. As a homeowner, it is important to have a piece of mind that your home is safe from what could have been an atrocious mess as well as an expensive headache. I highly recommend their service."
February 20, 2018

"My wife was referred to McNels by a close friend who had a great experience. From the minute my wife called and spoke with the lady on the office, she was quite pleased. The lady helped her figure out what kind of septic we had, so she didn't have to call me, and lined us up with Shawn to do our inspection and service. Shawn was very courteous and professional. Since I hung out to watch, he walked me through the process and explained that other companies will leave some sewage in the tank, and tell you it is to get the bacteria started. NOT TRUE! He also let me know that it is wise to keep up on the service of your gravity system, because if it fails, you will be forced to convert over to a pump system. Not sure if this is just for King County, or Washington state. They will gladly give you the facts, but keep up on your service. Thank you McNels for helping us with our moving process."